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My Linh To Toan 

Music Director of MindLight  2012-2014

My Linh To Toan is a girl born on November 12th 1996 in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam. She is a student of Tran Dai Nghia high school for the gifted. She is now spending her last year in this beloved high school where she has had lots of unforgettable memories with her friends. To her, friendship is an indispensable factor that makes her life become more beautiful and meaningful. That is the reason why she loves listening to her friends' stories and helps them to solve their problems. Therefore, she takes up a hobby of listening to people's thoughts and if needed she will try to help them as much as she can. However, she is not quite good at expressing her true feelings and thoughts to other peoples. On the grounds, music becomes not only a cathartic medicine to alleviate her stresses but also a mean to express her inner feelings. Unconsciously, music becomes a part of her daily life.

My Linh began playing piano when she was eight and her love for this classical music instrument has grown stronger day by day. Not only does she love practicing and performing more pieces, but she also wants to inspire her passion for music to people. This year, as well as the following one, finally she found a chance to make her dream come true. During the summer that year, she has spent one or two days a week teaching children at Nguyen Dinh Chieu high school for the blinded. She fell in love with the great determination and grand passion for music of her visually impaired students and ended up attending another summer. This summer, not only being a piano teacher, she also became the music director of this project.

In addition, she also loves drawing and writing as the other means of expressing her thoughts. Therefore, she is really keen on being an architect or major related drawing and minor in psychology and music piano performance, although she has not decided her major yet.



Mindlight 2013

This year, Mind Light came back with a totally different project. Along with learning about eight keys to success, children also study different pieces of music related to each important key. As a music director and piano teacher, Linh felt so excited because of the wide variety of music pieces that she and other teachers could teach the students. Moreover, she also taught patience as one of the key leading to success. To her :”Patience is an indispensable key which helps you to overcome no matter what obstacles stand in the way leading to your success. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you have to be patient first.”



MindLight 2012: 

When she first heard about the project, without hesitation, she signed in because she knew that Mind Light would provide her with a chance to get more people know how wonderful music is. The aim of this program was to teach visually impaired students about all kind of music instruments. Therefore, each would find an appropriate one and nurture the passion for music through specific kind of instrument. Linh was responsible for teaching piano lesson for the children. Even though she found some difficulties at first, she finally succeeded in teaching them well. Moreover, after the summer ended, she also managed to spend one or two days each week to teach children play different pieces of music.